Lii Michif Otipemisiwak Family and Community Services

LMO offers wraparound services, which are team based, collaborative, and individualized, for Métis families in the community, with specific programs including: Elders Council, Early Childhood Development, Family Support, Child Safety, Youth Services, Child and Youth Mental Health, and Kikékyelc supported housing for youth and Elders.

LMO, in collaboration with Dr. Rebecca Sanford from Thompson Rivers University (TRU), has developed an agency-specific life promotion protocol (LPP) that is community driven, collaboratively created, relational/connection oriented, strength based, comprehensive with a multi-level focus, and culturally grounded, drawing primarily on storytelling and narrative approaches. The LPP embraces two-eyed seeing to bring forward the best of Indigenous ways of knowing and Western ways of knowing as we seek to transform approaches to suicide prevention for Indigenous youth.

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