The UBC Strategic Mental Health Research Youth and Family Advisory Council: Creation and Recruitment

The UBC Strategic Mental Heath Research Youth and Family Advisory was created to ensure young people and families are involved in meaningful ways to ensure the highest patient engagement standards and a culture of patient-centered research that is part of all aspects of our work related to COVID-19.

Presenters and slide deck

Christina Laberge, Family Lead, UBC Strategic Mental Health Research Panel

Christina is the Family Research Coordinator for the Family Advisory panel through UBC. The Youth and Family Research Advisory Panels were created to ensure youth and family voices and perspectives inform ongoing research related to youth health during and in the aftermath of COVID-19. Christina is also a Family Peer Engagement Coordinator at Foundry Central Office supporting family engagement across all Foundry centres. She has experience working with families, caregivers, and youth in one-to-one settings as well as support groups and workshops. She is proficient with Emotion Focused Family Therapy and supports other health care professionals in EFFT learnings.

Erin Klein, Project Manager, UBC Strategic Mental Health Research Panel

Skye Barbic, Principal Investigator, UBC Strategic Mental Health Research Panel

Skye is the Head Scientist at Foundry and an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia. She is passionate about meaningful and ethical measurement of outcomes.


Key Learnings

  • Youth engagement is tricky, and meaningful engagement requires respect, autonomy, collaboration, inclusivity, reciprocity and empowerment.
  • Space and support needs to be given for caregivers and family members.

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