Person-Led Care Coordination

What happens when youth become equal members of their care team? In our discussion on Person-Led Care Coordination, we'll highlight the inspiration, strategy, and early outcomes from the deployment of a fully transparent health record in mental health.

Presenters and slide deck

Aidan Scott

Aidan Scott is Co-Founder of Speakbox, a Therapeutic Support Platform, improving the delivery of mental health care across North America. After experiencing a childhood trauma resulting in being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Aidan has seen first hand the barriers preventing millions from accessing care. These barriers were also what sparked Aidan to recognize that to be effective, patients and care providers need to function as one harmonious team. For the past ten years, Aidan has worked tirelessly both locally, and internationally, influencing policy and programs to improve access to mental health care using digital technology.

Balancing work and life, Aidan enjoys running with his wife alongside the Pacific ocean near their home in Vancouver, BC.


Key Learnings

  • Health is a team-based journey that requires collaboration, communication and transparency between patients and health service providers. The current system makes it challenging for patients to contribute to their own care.
  • Speakbox is an app that was created as a way to bridge the gaps that exist between a patient's autonomy and self-care strategies and clinical support and traditional care pathways through enhanced collaboration and transparency.
  • By providing youth with the tools to manage their own mental health journey, develop health literacy skills and a space to provide their own insights, it reaffirms the notion that youth are an active and equitable part of their own care team. Clinicians and other health service providers are able to leverage the Speakbox technology to enhance collaborative and interdiscplinary clinical management and therapeutic relationships.

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