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Stepped Care Pathways


Stepped care pathways tend to be disorder-based and limited to either primary care or mental health settings. To overcome this issue, pathways are being developed in BC to focus on early intervention with youth in an integrated care setting (one-stop-shop) that include providers of mental health, substance use, primary care, social services, and peer support.

  • Development of stepped care pathways for mood/anxiety/distress, substance use, and early psychosis
  • Performance of a developmental evaluation as pathways are tested at
  • Foundry centres and move towards implementation
  • Training on how to use pathways, including associated clinical tools, across integrated care settings
  • Provision of an organized framework for core clinical functions and partner services across integrated centres, thus helping young people, their families, and healthcare professionals in choosing the most effective interventions
  • Development of a minimum core set of standardized services delivered across centres
  • Testing and further development of stepped care pathways, with potential application for other integrated youth health and social service centres
Roles and Costs 

Foundry: Project lead
Review and input


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