Frayme Advisory on Youth Matters (AYM) – targeted call

The Frayme Advisory on Youth Matters (AYM) is looking for a new recruit. 

Specifically - we are looking for a youth or young adult between the ages of 18-29, wth the following attributes:

1. Personal lived experience in mental health and/or substance use challenges
2. Experience in advocacy
3. Métis heritage
The AYM is currently developing governance structures and a strategic plan and hope to have collected a list of potential candidates by May 31st, 2018
If you have any questions or would like to submit your candidacy, please contact our Youth Engagement Coordinator, Tanya Halsall with your C.V. which outlines how you meet each of the three attributes listed above. 

About the AYM


The AYM is made up of youth aged 18-29 who are interested in making a significant impact on youth well-being in Canada and across the world


The AYM serves to inform and advise organizations in creation of services and partnerships that serve youth effectively and are geographically and culturally relevant. 


AYM values include genuine youth engagement (no tokenism allowed), flexibility, transparency, and diversity in both perspective and experience.
To view the rest of the AYM's Terms of Reference, click here


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