Virtual Innovations in Care (VIC) Grant Program


The Canadian youth mental health and substance use (YMHSU) system has moved rapidly over the past year to develop, accelerate, and implement virtual responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to meet the needs of youth and their families. Frayme launched the Virtual Innovations in Care (VIC) Grant program to support learning and understanding about the process of implementing effective virtual services. A total of 8 evidence-generating and innovative virtual solutions were chosen through an open call to receive funding and partner with Frayme to support the scale up, implementation, and evaluation of these innovations.

Meet our 8 grant recipient virtual innovations:

Kids Come First

Crossroads Children's Mental Health Centre
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Evaluation of Virtual Care in Youth Mental Health & Addiction Services

Saskatchewan Health Authority
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Payahtakenemowin Youth Well-Being Program

Shibogama First Nations Council
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Bean Bag Chat (BBC)

Stella's Place
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New Paths Through Covid-19

The Students Commission of Canada
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An Assessment of the Implementation, Provision and Impact of Virtual Services

Wood's Homes
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One more thing we're proud to announce: the VIC Grant Program recipients are driving virtual innovations from coast to coast.

Frayme will support the dissemination of key learnings from the development of virtual services more widely so that collective knowledge around effective virtual system development and service implementation is strengthened in the sector right across the country. 

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This was made possible thanks to the financial support of Health Canada.


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