Kids Now

Kids Now empowers grade 7 & 8 students to believe they deserve to make positive choices with their lives by providing critical life tools and the ability to know how and why to use them to become successful, confident leaders.

We deliver a free, after-school leadership program to grade 7 & 8 students. Our proactive approach is uniquely ours. We teach essential life skills needed to make the right choice to steer away from negative influences before it’s too late. Kids Now lays the groundwork for a better community by showing kids that there are practical, proven tools for success that will help them transition with greater confidence into high school and beyond.

Our program builds self-esteem and leadership abilities, develops positive mental well-being, encourages healthy thinking and builds resiliency which enables youth to cope with and overcome key challenges today like bullying, peer pressure, school/family issues, stress, anxiety, drugs and alcohol.

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