IYS from Coast-to-Coast: A Frayme Knowledge Series

What is this event?

The field of Integrated Youth Services is growing and evolving rapidly, both in Canada and internationally. While there is a set of guiding principles at the core of IYS, there is no one specific or consistent model,  implementation, or evaluation framework currently in place, resulting in a diversity of approaches and insights across sites and regions. 

As more regions look to develop integrated youth services - whether provincially funded or community-based - the demand for knowledge sharing, implementation insights and best practices is growing. Moreover, the shift to virtual services due to COVID-19 has resulted in the collection of more valuable data with which to assess the effectiveness of IYS and determine opportunities to optimize outcomes. But with the collection of additional data comes more responsibility to capture and analyze meaningful metrics and measures and address actionable insights on what is working and where gaps still exist. 

As a national organization funded specifically to facilitate knowledge sharing on youth mental health and substance use/integrated youth services, Frayme is well positioned to convene a range of experts in IYS across Canada to share insights and collaborate on policy recommendations toward an effective path forward. Note: This event will feature simultaneous translation in both official languages.

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Who should attend?

In order to ensure equitable representation of IYS sites across Canada while also ensuring a manageable numbers of participants, Frayme will issue targeted invitations to both provincially-funded organizations as well as independent sites based on a particular area of expertise/focus, as informed by network conversations and Learning Institute (LI) insights. A maximum of 4 people per organization which could include: 

  • Clinical staff and Service Providers
  • Operational or Service managers
  • Researchers and Academics
  • Youth, Caregiver and Family Advocates
  • Funders, Philanthropic representatives and Policy Makers

Spots will be limited. Invitees will be allocated a specific number of seats to be distributed at their end according to the audience criteria to ensure a diversity of perspectives. In addition to IYS sites, invitations will be offered to selected individuals and organizations whose participation is critical to advancing these national conversations, such as national research and data partners, funders, provincial/municipal/territorial policy makers and more.

What's on the agenda and how can I attend?

Frayme has divised areas of focus for each day to ensure that the content is relevant and helpful to attendees. Please Note: Space is limited, but representation is important. We invite you to register and, if you wish, invite a maximum of 3 other delegates from you organization as well. Please register for each day you want to attend separately:


Take part in discussions addressing service considerations and gaps, led by Dr. Joanna Henderson. Key topics of interest include meeting the needs of populations not being served with current service approaches.

Day 1 will run from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EST) and will consist of a panel discussion, breakout session, and a post-breakout session debrief.

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On the seond day, we will dive into a discussion of critical issues in data collection, standardization and information sharing in the IYS context, led by Dr. Jai Shah. 

Day 2 will run from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EST) and will consist of a panel discussion, breakout session, and a post-breakout session debrief.

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To conclude this series, we'll work together to identify policy recommendations, knowledge-sharing mechanisms, and toolkits to keep the conversation going. 

Day 3 will run from 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM (EST) and will consist of a breakout session, a post-breakout session debrief, and closing remarks.

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Who are the speakers?

Day 1 - October 26, 2021

Dr. Joanna Henderson - Executive Director, Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario
Dr. Joanna Henderson is Director of the Margaret and Wallace McCain Centre for Child, Youth & Family Mental Health at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and Executive Director of Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario. She is also a Senior Scientist at CAMH and a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto. Her work aims to improve access to high quality, integrated services for youth with substance use and/or mental health concerns and their families.

Shaleen Jones - Executive Director, Eating Disorders Nova Scotia
Shaleen Jones has been an advocate, organizer, educator, and all-round rabble rouser in the field of eating disorders for over twenty years, holding leadership positions with community organization such as the BC Eating Disorders Association, Laing House, Peer Support Canada, and CMHA National. As the Executive Director for Eating Disorders Nova Scotia Shaleen works to ensure that no-one in Nova Scotia has to face an eating disorder alone. She lives in Halifax with her son and their very loud cat.

Kendra Monk - Coordinator, NorWest Youth Hub
Kendra Monk has worked in youth & social services for most of her career, ranging from teaching workshops on sexual & mental health with the Teen Talk program, to working inside several drop-in provincial Teen Clinics. She has a Masters of Science in Family Social Sciences, specializing in developmental health. She is also a registered Professional Home Economist, with a Bachelors degree in Human Ecology, majoring in Family Social Sciences.

Dr. Gina Dimitropoulous - Associate Professor, University of Calgary
Gina Dimitropoulos is an Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of Calgary, Alberta. Her research focuses on eating disorders, peer support and youth mental health and health service research.

Teegan McGavin - Undergraduate Student, University of Guelph
Teegan is a fourth-year undergraduate student at the University of Guelph studying Child, Youth and Family Studies and minoring in Psychology. Teegan facilitates and engages youth councils, has been trained as a peer support worker, and recently received their SafeTALK training on suicide alertness. This past summer, Teegan was also trained as an intake coordinator for a navigation program. Much of Teegan's experience comes from their own lived experience within the mental health community.

Shannon McGavin - System Change Leader
Shannon (she/her) is a system change leader dedicated to creating people-centred teams, facilitating community partnerships, and creating transformative change to increase youth and community wellness in rural communities across Canada. Driven by a commitment to integrated care, diversity and inclusion, psychological safety, and the importance of including lived and living expertise. Shannon focuses on creating holistic people-centred care models.


Day 2 - October 27, 2021

Dr. Jai Shah - Associate Professor of Psychiatry, McGill University
As a psychiatrist and researcher, Dr. Jai Shah has been deeply involved in and committed to early intervention efforts, initially in psychosis and now expanding across youth mental health. He is Associate Director of the Prevention and Early Intervention Program for Psychosis (PEPP) and an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at McGill University, both in Montreal, Canada. 

Dr. Karen Tee - Director - Service Innovation, Foundry 
Karen is a clinical psychologist and the Director of Service Innovation at Foundry. She provides clinical leadership for the network and oversees service implementation at Foundry centres and Foundry Virtual BC. Karen is the co-chair of the Frayme Stepped Care Working Group.

AnnMarie Churchill - Executive Director, Stepped Care Solutions
AnnMarie is Executive Director of Stepped Care Solutions, the representative partner for the Wellness Together Canada portal and a Research Fellow at Memorial University working on the CIHR Pragmatic Trial- Digitizing Stepped Mental Health Care. AnnMarie holds a PhD in Experimental Psychology, a Masters in Social Work and is a registered social worker in the province of NL. 

Andrea Foebel - Manager, Indicator Research & Development
Andrea leads the collaborative development of health system indicators that meet the information needs of stakeholders. She holds a PhD in Aging, Health & Well-Being from UW and has extensive post-doctoral research experience with interRAI in Finland and Italy. She has been a scientific consultant in the Department of Ageing & Life Course at the WHO in Geneva and was a contributing author to the first World Report on Ageing and Health (WHO, 2015). Before joining CIHI, she completed post-doctoral training in gerontology and genetics at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. 

Jennifer Wilkie - Co-founder & Principal Consultant, BoardWalk Group Consulting
Jennifer has more than a decade of experience working with community and not-for-profit organizations improving quality of services, optimizing performance, and leading strategic implementation projects. Prior to co-founding BoardWalk Group, Jennifer was the Director of Continuous Improvement at CAMH. In that role, she was responsible for the implementation of Integrated Care Pathways, Measurement-Based Care, and leading strategies to support CAMH in becoming a Learning Health System.

Aidan Scott - Cofounder, Speakbox
After struggling as a patient to collaborate in his care, Aidan has dedicated himself to improving care experiences for all people. Having a background in quality improvement, public participation, and project management, Aidan is co-founder of Speakbox, a startup providing shared workspaces to mental health service providers so clinicians and clients can work better together. 


Day 3 - October 28, 2021

Anita Simon - Lead Child & Youth Mental Health, AreYOUthOkay
Anita Simon holds a post-docturate in Nutrition and has a broad knowledge of clinical and health outcomes research acquired from over 20 years with pharmaceutical, academic and health service sectors. Anita is committed to advancing the use of patient-centered outcomes and perspectives to direct improvements in health systems, practices and policies and is passionate about youth mental health.

Kyleigh Schraeder - Team Lead, CIHR-INMHA
Dr. Kyleigh Schraeder (Ph.D., R.Psych.) is a registered Clinical Psychologist. As part of her role at CIHR, Kyleigh works closely with CIHR institutes and branches, and stakeholders within government (Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada), non-governmental organizations, research institutions, and academia.

Ervis Musa - Groundbreaker, Frayme
Ervis Musa is a third-year Health Sciences student at Queen's University. As a youth advocate he is focused on building effective and integrated services for mental health, substance use, and related issues. His passion for mental health research extends through numerous areas, as evident with his involvement with the International Sleep Clinic and Foundry, where he is part of team investigating correlations between mental health and sleep and assessing online counselling experiences.

Elana Ludman - VP of Youth Mental Health, Graham Boeckh Foundation
Elana Ludman works with a variety of stakeholders, including policy makers, mental health experts, philanthropic foundations, service providers, and youth and their families to support and advance IYS across Canada. Prior to philanthropy, Elana worked at the Canadian Government as a Program Advisor in the Ministry of Employment and Social Development, as well as in the community sector, working with Habitat for Humanity Argentina and with Santropol Roulant, a youth-run non-profit organization in Montreal.

Braeden Levac - Youth Groundbreaker, Frayme
Braeden (He/Him) has served as a youth advisor and advocate within a variety of mental health projects in his community and across Canada. He is currently involved as a youth partner with Frayme and cohort lead in the national youth ambassador Foundry program to empower young people to champion the growth of and access to integrated youth services across Canada. Through his strong academic and research background, he continues to drive the integration and implementation of youth care in Canada forward.

Seren Friskie - Indigenous Wellness and Engagement Coordinator, Foundry BC
Seren Friskie is an Indigenous Wellness and Engagement Coordinator with Foundry BC. Seren holds an Honours Bachelor's of Psychology degree and is also a project lead at SARAVYC, researching Indigenous youth health in BC. Seren brings her unique lens of academic knowledge, lived experience, and passion for disrupting the system to her work at Foundry. Seren specializes in cultural safety and humility frameworks and uses justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion principles in her work within IYS.

Dennis Stuebing - Director, Wisdom2Action
Dennis is the Director of Wisdom2Action, a social enterprise and consulting firm that supports civil society and governmental organizations facilitate change and strengthen communities.  Dennis earned his doctorate in Global Studies from the University of Saint Joseph (Macao).  His research focussed on the ways children participate in their own protection during emergencies in Pacific Island countries. Dennis has a background in project management and policy analysis in children's rights, child protection, international development and humanitarian assistance

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