The UBC Youth Research Advisory Panel: Moving From Consultation to Co-Creation

This presentation will explore the centering of youth voices and youth representation within research from the perspective of panel members from the UBC Youth Research Advisory Panel. The panel members will share the benefits of meaningful youth engagement within research and the importance of including youth at a co-creation level.

Presenters and slide deck

Eric Mann

Eric (he/him) is a 24-year old from Vancouver, BC. He has been enjoying getting more involved in the world of research. In his free time, he enjoys socializing, playing chess, and reading.

Zee Goerzen

Zee is a 17-year-old queer, autistic mental health advocate on the UBC Youth Research Advisory Panel. They are currently in their final year of high school and hope to pursue a career in psychology or medicine. They believe that everyone should be able to access the help they need and aspire to give marginalized groups the voice they need, both in and outside the world of research. They have worked on numerous projects with the Averno franchise, particularly focusing on several LGBTQ+ musicals recently released by Broadway Records, and are actively working towards having accurate representation of queer, disabled voices in media. In addition to their work in the UBC Youth Research Advisory Panel, they have been involved in multiple podcasts surrounding mental health, and are currently in the process of publishing a graphic novel.

Aiden Mitchell

Aiden Mitchell (he/him) is a student from Campbell River, British Columbia. He loves volunteering at the BC Youth Council where he leads the LGBTQ+ Campaign and works to raise awareness about LGBTQ+ issues and advocates for the banning of conversion therapy.

Danielle Miller

Danielle Miller is an undergraduate psychology student at The University of British Columbia. She is passionate about mental health advocacy and the creation of safe spaces for LBTQ2A+ youth and youth with living or lived mental health experience. As a part of the Youth Research Advisory Council, Danielle brings this passion by co-facilitating change within the realm of youth research through the sharing of personal experiences and expertise. In her free time Danielle enjoys watching Netflix documentaries, cross-stitching, and bullet journaling. Danielle plans to continue to create positive change in the youth mental health system through her advocacy and hopes to continue this work as her career.

Rachel Mclean


Key Learnings

  • Youth involvement is important in creating intentional and impactful research.
  • The UBC Youth Research Advisory hopes to lesson the gaps between providers and researchers, address the absence of youth voices, and works to find practical ways to involve youth in research.

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