Mental Wellness 30L: An Innovative Online Mental Health Curriculum

Mental Wellness 30 (MW30) is an innovative Saskatchewan Ministry of Education approved education program that is supporting youth (15 +) understand different aspects of mental health challenges, mental illness, and develop growth mindset through a personalized mental wellness plan. Students are gaining a high school credit, self-awareness, empathy, empowerment to seek health care resources available to them, and engaging in interventions to promote overall wellbeing. MW30 is unique because the course is co-designed by adolescents who have lived experience with mental illness.

Presenters and slide deck

Elaina Guilmette & Alexis Epp

Elaina Guilmette, PhD candidate at the University of Saskatchewan and online teacher and course developer at the Sun West Distance Learning Center. Co-writer of the Mental Wellness 30L curriculum and developer of the online Mental Wellness 30L program. Alexis Epp, Bachelor of Social Work student at the University of Regina, member of the CMHA National Youth Advisory Council and Saskatchewan Child and Youth Advisory Council. Co-writer of the Mental Wellness 30L curriculum and developer of the online MW30L program. Alexis, is a trained peer supporter and provides free online peer support to students who enrol in the MW30L program.


Secondary Student Feedback: “I understand myself and my emotions more.” “I can work through my challenges because of the strategies I learned.” “I learned how to accept, love, and better myself.” “I became motivated to exercise and live a healthier lifestyle.” “I learned that there are other people who feel like me. And I am not alone.”

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Key Learnings

  • Mental Wellness 30 helps young people set up networks of support.
  • Mental Wellness 30 is a Social Emotional Learning Curriculum for Secondary Students.
  • Mental Wellness 30 helps young people set up self-care regimes and habits to build resilience, self-efficacy, and buffer life’s stresses.

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