Embedding Peer Support within Your Organization

This session will explore the process needed to create a Peer Support Program based on our 20 years of experience supporting those impacted by Eating Disorders. From the screening process to ongoing support and supervision, leave with ideas and practical next steps to creating your own Peer Support Program. Plus: Learn, from our mistakes!

Presenters and slide deck

Shaleen Jones

Shaleen Jones has been an advocate, educator, and all-round rabble rouser in the field of eating disorders for over twenty years. As the Executive Director of Eating Disorders Nova Scotia, Shaleen works to ensure that no-one has to face an eating disorder alone. Having overcome an eating disorder, she is passionate about recovery and the transformative power of peer support. Shaleen was one of the first people trained to provide peer support for those with eating disorders in Canada, and earned her Peer Support Certification in 2015.

Shaleen was recognized with an Inspiring Lives Award from the Mental Health Foundation of NS, and served on the Mental Health Advisory Council to the Federal Minister of Health. She is a member of the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Hallway Group, Quality Mental Health Care Network, the E-Mental Health Collaborative, and is a founding member of Canada’s Body Peace Collaborative.


Key Learnings

  • EDNS offers peer support though 1:1 individual peer support, peer support groups, and chat/text/phone/warm line.
  • Co-design is essential. Integrating lived experience helped to keep the project focused and on-track.
  • The five key ingredients for making peer support effective: include people with lived experience, provide training, ongoing support, evaluation, and clear processes and procedures.

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