Cannabis and Mental Health: Turning over a new leaf on cannabis education

Schizophrenia Society of Canada

In this presentation, a member of the Youth Action Committee for the Schizophrenia Society of Canada’s Cannabis and Psychosis project will share new cannabis and mental health resources created by and for youth, and tools for those who support youth.


Kiah Ellis-Durity
Kiah holds a degree in Comparative Religion, Culture and Political Science. She currently sits on the national board of Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy. With Explore the Link, she works as a Project Facilitator for the Cannabis and Mental Health Project. Through her work Kiah aims at normalizing discussions around cannabis while empowering youth to make educated, well-informed decisions.

Hargun Kaur
Hargun is currently studying Health Sciences at McMaster University. She is incredibly passionate about mental health advocacy and has been working in the community and conducting research to develop more resilient and intuitive societies. Hargun is very excited to contribute her skills and experiences to educate and empower youth through Exploring the Link.

Key takeaways

  • Given legalization, we need additional resources that resonate with youth re: harm reduction & cannabis use
  • Their website is fully youth-led,​
  • Launched a four-module course on the link between cannabis & mental health! ~1.5hrs
  • Knowledge is triangulated by PWLE + Scientific Advisors
  • Certificates offered for courses
  • "With the legalization of cannabis, we co-created a timely harm reduction website as well as a bilingual online course, bringing together evidence from both lived expertise and scientific research"
  • This course is free and available to the country!​

Key Learning Objectives (defined by presenters)

  1. To promote open, balanced conversations about cannabis use in relation to youth mental health by
    1. Demystifying and destigmatizing topics pertaining to cannabis and mental health
    2. Engaging youth directly in creating effective education and outreach approaches
    3. Considering the specific needs of youth who may be at higher risk of experiencing harms from cannabis use

Key Themes

  1. Cannabis use awareness for youth and their family members
  2. Youth Engagement

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