Knowledge Exchange Program

The Knowledge Exchange Program aims to support Frayme partners working within the YMHSU system and other related sectors to make timely and evidence-informed decisions with regards to the implementation of integrated YMHSU services and supports.

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Methods of consent used to share information/data/records
measurement, support services, supports, youth mental health support

What methods of consent (either implied or explicit) are used to share information/data/records across organizations (either within Integrated Youth Service networks or externally)?


Frayme reached out to network partners and conducted a literature search of academic journals and grey literature to address this question which can be found in this report.

Suicide Prevention Policy and Protocol for Youth Services during COVID-19
at-risk, education, education support, high-risk populations, intervention, Policies and procedures, service provision, support services, youth mental health, youth mental health provision, youth-service

With the pivot to online services, there’s a need to revisit policies and protocols for identifying immediate risk and keeping youth safe during the intake and clinical screening process. This is particularly critical in the context of youth who may be indicating thoughts of self-harm/suicidal ideation via text/email, or in advance of an appointment and outside of business hours. What
policies, protocols and resources can be helpful to address these concerns?


In order to address this question, Frayme conducted a limited scan of its network members and a scan of the grey literature. Specifically, selected network members were contacted to inquire about their protocols and to provide any insights into the kinds of crisis response policies they have in place. Two network members responded with their feedback - these responses either focussed on (a) risk assessment, or (b) protocol for response to urgent/emergent after hours.

Transitions in Youth Mental Health and Substance Use (YMHSU)
core components, hospital and community resources, intervention, substance use, transition planning, transition resource, transitions, youth mental health

What is the available evidence regarding transition planning related to youth mental health and substance use care?


Frayme has collated publications and research regarding transition planning in youth mental health 

Training Resources Relevant to the Principles, Policies, and Practices within Integrated Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Services
anti-oppressive practice, capacity development, consent of minors to treatment, cultural competence, family engagement, LGBTQ2SI+, training, trauma-informed care, youth engagement

What resources and guides are available for training staff working within integrated youth mental health and substance use services across certain areas of interest?


Frayme has collated resources, modules and training guides for staff working in youth mental health and substance use service provision organizations 

Measures on Youth Mental Health used within Integrated Youth Services
interventions, measurement, mental health measure, performance measurement, transitions

What mental health measures are being collected by interventions that are bridging transitions for youth?


Frayme has collated a list of measures and indicators being collected by IYS organizations across the world 


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