Groundbreakers is Frayme's National Lived Expertise Network of youth, caregivers, and mental health advocates. They're experts in their communities, causes, and life experiences, and we at Frayme think that expertise is just as valuable as that of a researcher or mental healthcare professional.

That's why we're creating Canada's premier leadership network for those who want to contribute to systemic change in the Youth Mental Health and Substance Use sector. Do you want to inform mental health projects across the country, participate in various learning and grant activities, and share your unique knowledge with Frayme's unparalleled network of over 300+ partner organizations? Join Groundbreakers today!

If you're wondering "Why Groundbreakers?" or "Why now?", please refer to our Statement of Purpose for more information on the rationale, Frayme's triangulation of evidence, and an overview of the initiative:

Statement of Purpose


Youth Cohort: Individuals in this group identify as either a youth in Canada and/or a youth who has experienced mental health and/or substance use challenges.

Caregiver Cohort: Individuals in this group identify as having provided some sort of support to a youth in their life facing mental health and/or substance use challenges, such as a child, sibling, friend or romantic partner. Caregiver responsibilities can be all sorts of things, including but not limited to helping a loved one find a service to access, administering medication, or providing emotional support.

Аdvocate Cohort: Individuals in this group may have a passion for youth mental health or substance use, but do not identify as a youth, nor do they have experience as a caregiver. Individuals in this group may have faced mental health or substance use challenges when they were a youth, but have since "Aged Out" of youth services.

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