Frayme Strategic Plan 2021-2024 Outline

Our Story

Here’s the 411 on how Frayme grew from an idea to a national organization

Frayme’s origins start in 2017 with Healthy Young People Everywhere (HYPE), an international knowledge translation (KT) platform that initially proposed to fill the gap between research in Youth Mental Health and Addictions (YMHA) and the pressing need for its dissemination and clinical implementation.

After a few years, plenty of consultation and feedback, HYPE blossomed into Frayme. What changed exactly? Well Frayme still possesses a strong research and scientific network but now we’ve included the knowledge of youth, families and service providers, shaken and stirred, and come out with a national organization informed by pan-Canadian and global expertise. Expertise in all its different shapes and sizes, and yes, that includes lived experience.

Frayme now works by connecting those designing and implementing service with the best evidence in the youth mental health and substance use (YMHSU) system to create informed and impactful solutions for youth and their families.

How did we develop our Strategic Plan?

The 2021-2024 Frayme Strategic Plan was developed through a six month process which integrated feedback from across the YMHSU sector and those who had been connected and involved in supporting Frayme since its inception. We engaged youth, families, service providers, system stakeholders, funders and internal stakeholders. To truly co-develop the content we used multiple formats including national surveying, group discussions and individual interviews.

With that being said, we owe a huge shout-out to all those who provided feedback. Our hope is that this Strategic Plan is one that reflects the role and type of impact that our YMHSU system needs Frayme to invest in as we move through the coming years.

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What’s all this about anyway?

Us. It’s about us. All of us. But more specifically it’s about the principles and vision that is driving the way we work and what we work on. If we’re asking you to drive the work with us, then it’s only fair you understand what you’re signing up for.

What’s the Vision?

All youth, young adults, and their families have access to the help they need to be well, when they need it, in the context in which they live.

What’s the Mission?

Frayme leads a national and international network that connects mental health, health and social services working with youth and young adults to accelerate the integration and implementation of youth care in Canada and around the world.

Pillars of Outcomes

The outputs include: New knowledge and evidence identification; Partnership development; Tool, framework and method development; System and Partner Capacity development; Network collaborations


Short Term Outcomes

  • Knowledge products
  • Learning Institute(s)
  • Learning forums
  • Presentations and panels
  • National platform development
  • Trainings and workshops


Medium Term Outcomes

  • Community-engaged policy, practice, process, and product
  • Community-engaged implementation of knowledge
  • National granting partnerships and innovations
  • Content specific partnerships and co-delivery
  • Youth and family experts engaged in partnerships
  • Partnerships across the Frayme network platform


Long Term Outcomes

  • Health & Wellbeing Impact
  • Social Impact
  • Economic Impact
  • Environmental Impact
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Knowing How We’re Doing

A commitment to listening, learning and improving is fundamental to what we do and believe at Frayme. System work is hard, yet possible! We believe that youth and families deserve system leaders who engage in hearing what does and doesn't work, as well as what we are trying to improve. To make sure we are growing and learning as an organization we have specific actions we take:

  • Asking for feedback and evaluating our work
  • Capturing and analyzing the information
  • Reviewing and understanding the information
  • Applying the information with articulated steps


This ongoing feedback cycle can take multiple forms and may include many individuals. We move through this cycle through:

  • Asking our expert advisors along the way
  • Asking our network for partnership and project specific feedback
  • Project debriefs that include youth and families
  • Sharing our stumbles with others so that our whole system can learn
  • Tracking and reporting on our projects, initiatives and overarching objectives in a structured process
  • Measuring against our articulated outcomes and outputs
  • Investing in evaluating our impact through evaluation frameworks

So, what’s next?

Look, there's a lot of work to be done.
There is so much room for improvement in the system.
You know it, we know it - so what are we going to do about it?

Hopefully our Pillars of Impact answers this question from a practical perspective, but more importantly, Frayme is going to continue growing, expanding and listening to all those within the YMHSU system so that we can collectively shift to a place where every young person and their family have access to the help they need to be well, when they need it, in the context in which they live. Until we reach that moment, our work will not be done.

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