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Frayme's webinar series Frayme of Mind pulls together research, service and lived experience expertise from our network on various topics in YMHSU in an engaging and interactive way through webinar panels and presentations. Look out for upcoming topics or watch any of the past webinars on demand.

September 27, 2023
Caregivers are often left worrying over young people's privacy, safety, and screen time. The implications of images of unrealistic beauty standards and content boasting misinformation on mental illnesses and disorders, are often not factored into the equation. A recent Canadian study found that substantial screen time of all types (television, social media and video games) leads to reported lowered self-esteem after only one year of exposure. Furthermore, continued social media use can cause a young person’s low self-esteem to gradually emerge into disordered eating symptoms if left unaddressed. In this Frayme hosted webinar, we’re welcoming Dr. Ian Colman and Ary Maharaj to explore the harmful impacts of social media, and how caregivers and service providers can stay informed on what’s taking place online to better support young people offline.
July 11, 2023
Research has shown how incorporating Elders into mental health programming in Canada can help indigenous people in reclaiming their cultural identity and reconnecting with their past. At a systems level, this approach helps to rebuild the trust that has been lost between indigenous users and their non-indigenous service providers from years of westernized care that does not resonate. Furthermore, this approach also contributes to efforts in reversing the cultural genocide that has, and continues to happen, in Canada by honouring multiple knowledge systems and care frameworks. Despite the documented success of Elder-led programs, actions towards implementing services of this kind on a national scale are minimal, making the availability of these services disproportionately low to the amount of individuals who would benefit from them. In this Frayme hosted webinar, we’re tapping into the expertise of the elder-led programs at KANDU, and Tap Elderly Women’s Wisdom for Youth (TEWWY). We will be discussing how their youth programs incorporate Elders in a Canadian context, and sharing unique international perspectives of an elder-lead initiative operating in Tanzania. We will also reflect on the impact their programs have on the youth they serve and inspire attendees to continue conversations on what implementing this approach can look like in new and already established organizations.
May 30, 2023
In 2022, Frayme first partnered with mindyourmind to give young people the opportunity to bring their ideas for system change to life through a Hackathon Program officially sponsored by RBC Future Launch. Now, we are excited to share how this program engaged young people to develop solutions to complex problems we face in the youth mental health and substance use sector. During this webinar, we discuss Frayme's commitment to following through with lived expertise through programs like the Hackathon and Ideathon, as well as our partnership with mindyourmind to incubate these ideas and help bring them to life. We showcase the innovation and share lessons learned. You will also hear from the youth themselves, on designing solutions influenced by their lived expertise.
May 25, 2023
Even at the best of times, sitting in an Emergency Department can be distressing. Imagine being young and struggling with your mental health. Emergency Departments are environments primarily designed to be sterile, efficient, and to facilitate high through-put of physical trauma or physical illness cases; not to be places of comfort, calm, and connection. So, if not the ED, then where? In England, the health service (NHS) is quickly scaling a community-based alternative to Emergency Departments for people in crisis. From 5.30 pm to midnight, community spaces such as cafés, shopfronts and charity-run locations are repurposed to become welcoming, safe, friendly, and non-stigmatizing spaces. In this webinar presentation, we will explore alternative models to emergency departments for people in mental health crisis. You’ll hear from Frayme, Habitus Collective, Director of NHS trusts in the UK and Youth Peer Researchers from across UK about bringing the "Recovery Cafe" model to Canada.
November 16, 2022
The Lived Expertise Knowledge Series brought together stakeholders from across Canada to share insights, identify opportunities, and brainstorm solutions that embed lived experience to demonstrate that the adage “Nothing for us without us” is the ultimate optimizer for our youth mental health and substance use system. Day 2 included panelists serving youth and caregivers for diagnoses such as BPD, psychosis, eating disorders and substance use, as they broke down common beliefs that peer support is merely a ‘light touch’ form of support, and exemplify its value add to treatment of serious mental illness and concurrent disorders. Using all the insight and knowledge gathered in previous sessions, we also explored the future state of lived expertise in the youth mental health and substance use sector, with topics including sustainability, funding, and research efforts.


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