Frayme Knowledge Exchange Program

At Frayme, we know that our network is working to create the most impactful service solutions for youth and their families. We also recognize that there is a dizzying array of evidence and information available in the system, which can be difficult to sift through to get a pulse on the relevant knowledge. We want to help you apply the best information and knowledge available to inform your work.

Frayme has specific technical expertise to support a wide range of knowledge mobilization responses that can be timely and tailored. This includes generating resources that meet your needs and brokering connections with experts across the network, including those with lived expertise. Frayme is able to deliver this type of support at a system-level - this means that our resources and connections are best utilized by those implementing and designing programs, services and systems.

Please get in touch with inquiries using the contact form below. After we receive your query we will follow up with you within (5 business days) to gather further information about your request and discuss the best next steps to complete the request.

How Frayme determines a response

Factors that will help determine the response include:
  • If requesters are associated with a Frayme partner organization;
  • If requesters are administrative or clinical decision-makers within one of the following areas:
    service provision, research, implementation, policy, funding, engagement, or advocacy;
  • If the requests are relevant to integrated YMHSU services, including the practical components, processes, and policies associated with the development, implementation, evaluation, and sustainability of integrated YMHSU services;
  • If the requests support a decision-making process related to the implementation and sustainability of integrated YMHSU services;
  • If the requests have an impact beyond an individual, thus affecting an entire organization or system.
Responses may be limited for requests that ask for:
  • Individualized clinical guidance;
  • Evidence, resources or guidance that are outside of the technical expertise of Frayme
  • Evidence in support of student projects;
  • Research or writing support for funding applications
Please provide any additional information surrounding the context of your question, if applicable. (e.g., past outreach or research you’ve conducted, feedback from direct service users, or why you’re engaging Frayme to help answer your question).
Have you identified any knowledge (internally or externally) that may help you/us to answer this question? To note, knowledge can be in the form of research, organizational resources, healthcare provider perspectives, or lived experience evidence.
e.g., to help make a decision, raise awareness, improve practice, etc.
i.e. when do you need this response, when will it be applied in decision-making or implementation?
e.g., policy makers, internal stakeholders, service providers, youth, caregivers, etc.
There are many different types of evidence, including (but not limited to) research-based, practice-based, and evidence from youth, family and those with lived/living experience.

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