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Eating Disorders and Peer Support: Building Capacity


Eating disorders are complex, biologically driven, serious illnesses, with the highest fatality rate of any mental illness. Prior to Covid, 7.8% of the population was impacted by an eating disorder, with only 10% receiving specialized treatment. This gap is the result of barriers to access, economic disparities, limited treatment options, and is compounded by stigma and shame.

This pandemic has intensified the already pervasive problem of unmet support and treatment needs.

Eating Disorders Nova Scotia's suite of low barrier, low intensity peer support programs is aligned with a Stepped Care 2.0 approach, is suitable for mild to moderate eating disorders, as an adjunct to treatment, and a part of a step down or transition post treatment.

Our Peer Mentoring program connects recovered, trained peer supporters with those struggling with an eating disorder for individualized support. Mentors provide coaching, encouragement, goal setting, and hope over a series of “interactions” delivered via Zoom, phone, email.

• An estimated 2.9 million Canadians have an Eating Disorder (7.8% of the population ), making Eating Disorders the 3rd most prevalent mental illness in Canada
• Eating Disorders includes Atypical Anorexia, Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorder
• Age of onset is adolescence to early adulthood; between 24-36% of those impacted are male
• Eating Disorders are the 3rd most common chronic health condition among adolescents
• These disorders have one of the highest impacts on health-related quality of life of all psychiatric disorders, including the highest mortality rate of all mental illnesses
• Of those impacted, only 10% receive specialized treatment
• With treatment and support, recovery is possible


Eating Disorders Nova Scotia, in partnership with the Body Peace Collaborative, has developed a digital platform to increase accessibility of Peer Support and other resources for individuals living with an eating disorder.

At the same time, e-learning modules for health care providers, caregivers, and other will be delivered through the new platform, increasing community capacity to support those impacted by eating disorders.

With financial support from Frayme, Eating Disorders Nova Scotia has trained 15 new Peer Mentors and is developing video content to enhance the virtual training. Frayme will be working alongside Eating Disorders Nova Scotia to share insights on implementation and evaluation of the platform to the broader youth mental health and substance use sector across Canada.


15 additional Peer Mentors will completed their training and be able to provide safe and effective Peer Support
The training will be enhanced with the creation of a series of training videos
The training will be enhanced with the migration to an e-learning platform.
KT materials will be developed to increase knowledge of Peer Support for those with eating disorders, including Fact Sheets and a Webinar


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