IYS Policy Recommendations for System Transformations

About Frayme’s IYS Knowledge Series

From October 26-28, 2021, over 200 attendees united at Frayme’s #IYS2021 Knowledge Series to discuss themes of service gaps, data standardization and collection, and a future path for Integrated Youth Services (IYS) in Canada. Considering the rapid growth of IYS hubs in communities across Canada and the absence of a specific or standard model, implementation method or evaluation framework for these hubs, a national discussion of this sort was necessary. This Knowledge Series gave space for diverse voices from across sites and regions to share their approaches and insights on IYS and work together to identify system recommendations for a path forward.

Following the Knowledge Series, Frayme reviewed the ignitor statements, panel discussions and breakout room conversations and extracted 7 key concepts that were heard across the 3 days. These concepts were further synthesized into a policy recommendation document that serves to guide Canada onto a path where the mental health and substance use system can adequately serve our youth, and caregivers. The goal of these recommendations is not only to provide direction towards system transformation, but to amplify the voices of those working within the system and demonstrate the value that comes when diverse stakeholders work in alliance with one another. 

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Published December 2021

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Help Us Change the System

As we strive to influence public policy, we recognize that changing the system is no small feat. At the same time, we know the power that grassroots movements harness to spark transformation. We encourage you to take action towards helping us transform the youth mental and health substance use system. This can be done in various ways: 

#1: Send a letter to your local MP, the premier of your province, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Addictions and Mental Health, and all party leaders both federally and provincially asking for their support in pushing the policy recommendations in this document forward using this email template. You can find contact information for your local MP by postal code using this search tool. To find out how to contact your MPP, visit your province's legislative assembly’s website by searching: legislative assembly of (your province) on Google.

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#2: Use social media to show your support for these system recommendations and help share them with the Canadian political sphere. Use the hashtags #CdnPoli and this shortened link that leads to the IYS System Recommendations. Don’t forget to tag key players from Canadian organizations and the political realm.  

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Event Recordings


Day 1: Service Gaps
Stream Day 1 of #IYS2021 and listen to a discussion addressing service considerations and gaps, led by Dr. Joanna Henderson. Key topics of interest included meeting the needs of populations not being served with current service approaches.

View now

Read Impact Statement by Joanna Henderson



Day 2: Data and Standardization
Stream Day 2 of #IYS2021 to listen to a discussion of critical issues in data collection, standardization and information sharing in the IYS context, led by Dr. Jai Shah.

View now

Read Impact Statement by Jai Shah




Day 3: The Way Forward
Stream Day 3 of #IYS2021 to listen to our discussion to identify policy recommendations, knowledge-sharing mechanisms, and toolkits to keep the conversation going.

View now

Read Positioning Statement



The Path Foward

"If you want to know how to bake, you ask a baker. If you want to know how to play basketball, you ask a basketball player. Following the trend, if you want to know how to create the most impactful services for youth, you ask youth."

Read the final reflections from Frayme Groundbreakers and youth advocates, Braeden Levac and Ervis Musa:

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