IYS from Coast-to-Coast: A Frayme Knowledge Series

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What is this event?

The field of Integrated Youth Services is growing and evolving rapidly, both in Canada and internationally. While there is a set of guiding principles at the core of IYS, there is no one specific or consistent model,  implementation, or evaluation framework currently in place, resulting in a diversity of approaches and insights across sites and regions. 

As more regions look to develop integrated youth services - whether provincially funded or community-based - the demand for knowledge sharing, implementation insights and best practices is growing. Moreover, the shift to virtual services due to COVID-19 has resulted in the collection of more valuable data with which to assess the effectiveness of IYS and determine opportunities to optimize outcomes. But with the collection of additional data comes more responsibility to capture and analyze meaningful metrics and measures and address actionable insights on what is working and where gaps still exist. 

As a national organization funded specifically to facilitate knowledge sharing on youth mental health and substance use/integrated youth services, Frayme is well positioned to convene a range of experts in IYS across Canada to share insights and collaborate on policy recommendations toward an effective path forward.

Who should attend?

In order to ensure equitable representation of IYS sites across Canada while also ensuring a manageable numbers of participants, Frayme will issue targeted invitations to both provincially-funded organizations as well as independent sites based on a particular area of expertise/focus, as informed by network conversations and Learning Institute (LI) insights. A maximum of 4-5 people per organization which could include: 

  • Clinical staff and Service Providers
  • Operational or Service managers
  • Researchers and Academics
  • Youth, Caregiver and Family Advocates
  • Funders, Philanthropic representatives and Policy Makers

Spots will be limited. Invitees will be allocated a specific number of seats to be distributed at their end according to the audience criteria to ensure a diversity of perspectives. In addition to IYS sites, invitations will be offered to selected individuals and organizations whose participation is critical to advancing these national conversations, such as national research and data partners, funders, provincial/municipal/territorial policy makers and more.

What's on the agenda?

While a detailed agenda is still being finalized, Frayme has divised areas of focus for each day to ensure that the content is relevant and helpful to attendees. Please see the high level agenda below (subject to change):


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