Virtual Innovations in Care (VIC) Adjudication Process

Adjudication description
The VIC funding call has been issued with a deadline of June 30, 2020. In the meantime, Frayme will be convening an expert Review Committee following the guidelines below to ensure that each application is reviewed through a fair and transparent process.

Review Committee
The expert Review Committee will consist of members representing various perspectives and expertises outlined below. One member can fulfill more than one portfolio (for example, a youth advocate with expertise in evaluation). 

Youth advocate (minimum 2 positions):  The youth advocate will ideally be a young person between the age of 18-28, who has had direct experience within the youth mental health system either as a client, service provider, volunteer or advocate. This person will have familiarity with the concept of integrated youth services and have had experience utilizing virtual mental health services in the past.

Family member (minimum 1 position): A family member represents an individual that has taken on a caregiving role to a young person dealing with mental illness. Ideally, this individual will have had experience interacting with the youth mental health system as a caregiver/guardian or loved one of a young person with mental illness.

Indigenous family/youth member (minimum 1 position): This individual will represent an Indigenous perspective on the review committee to ensure that any applications/services that are granted can flex and adapt to Indigenous ways of knowing and also provide contextually relevant services to Indigenous youth across Canada. Ideally, this individual will have experience and expertise in youth mental health care systems, either through lived experience or through a professional background.

Evaluation expert (minimum 1 position): Ideally, this individual will be a credentialed evaluator (CE), or have experience in working with complex evaluation projects. As part of the review committee, they will review the VIC evaluation plan and provide technical advice/assistance in the development of monitoring and/or evaluation indicators for the implementation of VIC activities/programs. 

Academic/Research expert (minimum 1 position):  Academics or Experts are individuals with considerable experience in the subject matter of virtual care, IYS, or knowledge mobilization as demonstrated through their curriculum vitae, or documented projects. They will help to ensure adequate empirical rigour of the VIC application, help identify any missing perspectives/frameworks/evidence, and propose any opportunities for expansion of existing knowledge resulting from the VIC application. In addition, the academic/expert will help to determine the anticipated impact of the application on IYS, health systems and/or best practices. 

Service provider (minimum 1 position): This role will be an individual who has been involved in the delivery and service provision of youth mental health and substance use services from a clinical and/or administrative background. This role will require a strong familiarity and understanding of integrated youth services, clinical expertise related to mental health and substance use and ideally, have been involved with an organization that has worked on and delivered virtual care supports in the past.

Technology expert (minimum 1 position): This role will be an individual that has been involved in the development of one or more virtual services/apps/systems within the healthcare realm and will demonstrate a strong knowledge of virtual program development from a technical perspective. This role will require a strong understanding of best practice guidelines in terms of app development, privacy, security, data collection and front-end development.

Adjudication process
Applications will be initially reviewed by Frayme for eligibility and alignment with the call for interest. Following that, applications will be evaluated by the expert review committee. Frayme will begin to assign applications to the committee based on the number received. Each expert reviewer may be asked to review a portion of an application (that is most aligned with their area of expertise) or the full application depending on the volume of applications and availability of the reviewer.

The review committee will be given approximately two weeks to review each application and fill out the VIC Review Form to attribute an overall score to the application. After two weeks, Frayme will facilitate a virtual call to bring together all members of the review committee in order to discuss and share their opinions and scores for each application. This may require one or two days (approximately 1 and a half hours per call) to go through all applications. Once the review committee has reached a consensus on application scoring, funding decisions will be finalized and announced by Frayme.

See below for a draft timeline of the review process (subject to change):

For youth and family expert reviewers, a lump sum of $2,000 per reviewer will be offered. For all other expertise, Frayme pays honoraria at a rate of $25 per hour (including time spent preparing). If a host organization decides to pay for a reviewer's time, the reviewer may choose to waive their honoraria, in which case Frayme will donate the funds to an approved charity of their choice. 

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